Teaching Athleticism

I saw an article the other day which immediately interested me: "How to Fix Canada's Goalie Development Woes" - http://ingoalmag.com/features/goaltending-development-how-canada-has-fallen-behind/ . Besides just a general goalie article and the Canadian vs everyone else appeal, I was drawn to it because since when have the Canadians not been the dominant goalies in the world? These guys have dominated the world and have all the greats: Brodeur, Roy, Belfour, and Price. And not only that, they created the sport! So why the fall from grace?
The goalie coach from the Coyotes boils it down to the basis of Canadian goaltending. Technique first is everything in Canada. I saw it with my own eyes when I was coaching at a sport des estude in Montreal. Even the young 8 year old goalies had picture perfect butterfly slides and power slides (or power push if you prefer). I marveled at these kids thinking they were going to be the next wave. Nothing can stop these goalies.

A part of me is happy that raw stopping ability has won out. As someone who missed out on the techniques in my most valuable years, I always envied the goalies that looked so technically flawless. I felt unpolished, out of date and a bit sloppy. But at the end of the day, I stopped the puck. Regardless what it looked like, I knew that was the only objective.

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